Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Motion City Soundtrack Interview in Cologne

One month ago I did an interview with Tony playing in Motion City Soundtrack:

We arrived very early at the Prime Club, before the interview started me and some of the band members had a nice conversation and finally the drummer and me were left over and our discussion turned into my interview.

Pascal: So today is your last show up here in Germany. How was the time?
Tony: It was good. Actually the two shows we played so far were a lot of fun. I did not know what we should expect because we haven’t been in Germany since a long time. It were smaller shows but bigger as I thought here will going to be and tonight actually there were sold way more tickets than to the other shows. And so it should be very fun tonight.

Pascal: So maybe a few more words concerning the show tonight. What do you expect from a cologne punk rock show?
Tony: As I said. I just expect a good time. That is all we are looking for. That’s why we do it.

Pascal: Your record “Commit This To Memory” you re-released it. What can the listener expect from the bonus material.
Tony: First of all it includes one extra song wich is called “Monsters Invisible”. The big thing is the DVD with more than three hours bonus material. Things from the last four years, things that we shot ourselves, all of our videos, a live show and so on.

Pascal: What do you expect from the re-release?
Tony: So what I should expect. That’s a difficult question. The label wanted a re-release and we wanted the DVD. So I hope most people like the bonus stuff because it’s a lot of fun.

Pascal: So you are on Epitaph Records. How long now? And what did you do before?
Tony: Let me think about. Oh yes. We signed to them in 2003. And before we toured the whole year just selling our records on shows and with help of the Internet and then Epitaph picked up the first record. It was more work but very cool. I liked it.

Pascal: As I can remember the whole think started in 1997. Did you also played in the bend back then?
Tony: No the band was formed by Justin and Josh and they had a different bass player and drummer. The basists and drummer often changed over the years. Justin has to play guitar, sing and play keyboards and the same time. Jesse and me joined the same time.

Pascal: Mark Hoppus, now singer and bass player of Plus-44 produced your second record and I heard that he asked you during the European tour together with Blink 182 together. How did you feel in that moment. By the way I saw you live on that tour and I knew the words of the song “The Future Freaks Me Out”.
Tony: Great, thanks a lot. So actually we asked him if he would be interested. At that night we just hang out we him and tried to figure out who will gonna produce our new record and he was thinking about a band wich record he can produce. So we talked to each other and we all were really willing to do that. We asked him and he said yes, immidietely. He seemed more excited than we were.

Pascal: How is your relation nowadays to him? Do you spend much time with him?
Tony: Yes when we can. Usually we we’re in L.A. We talk to each other when we find the time you know we are friends. It’s cool.

Pascal: So you had the big European tour some years ago and now you are here as a headliner. How does that feel. Are you feeling more self-confident?
Tony: Yeah it’s pretty crazy I mean. Sometimes I think I’m just playing a show but then in the middle of the show I realise. Hey you are in Germany right now, so far away from home. They are talking another language but they still singing along the song. It’s pretty amazing. I did never guess I will do that you know to come to so many cool places where I have never gone before and I’m very thankful for it, it’s incredible.

Pascal: What is the difference between the American and the German or the European audience?
Tony: I don’t think there is a huge difference. Seriously: I don’t know how to answer this question. (laughs).

Pascal: How does it feel when you come the long way to Europe and recognize that the people in front of you sing out your songs. For example “The Future Freaks Me Out” or “Everything Is Allright”.
Tony: It feels great. I mean that’s an awesome feeling. Okay back home in the US it seems normal but then over here. It’s incredible. That’s exactly where you wanted to be like. It’s like a dream comes true.

Pascal: I do ever pose this question because I think it’s very interesting. Can you name me some bands that influenced your music or your somngwriting or even your way of thinking?
Tony: Yes of course. Bands like The Pixies, Weezer, The Get Up Kids, Ben Folds. They are awesome. I can only speak for myself but they definitely influenced my whole way of thinking.

Pascal: Who is responsible for the lyrics?
Tony: The lyrics. Justin writes them pretty much, always

Pascal: I did an interview a few month ago and my interview partner sayd to me that the one who writes the lyrics is the weird kid in the band. Is this also the case in Motion City Soundtrack?
Tony: (Laughs Out Very Loud) Ehm yes I think you can say that. Justin is weird.
Pascal: Okay that is what you gotta say right now, isn’t it?
Tony: No I think it’s really true.

Pascal: You played the Warped Tour this year. Can you tell something about it?
Tony: It was awesome. It was the first time we did the entire thing. The differences are so big. To play the warped Tour and the come over and play these small clubs. It’s amazing.

Pascal: Do you like more the festival stuff or the smaller club stuff like here in Cologne?
Tony: Okay I think it depends on the mood you are in and on the seasons for example but overall I think I like the clubs more.

Pascal: What are your plans for the future? Recording, touring, doing nothing…
Tony: In the next couples of month we will write some new material for the new record. But before we’re doing a tour in the states together with The-All American Rejects and hopefully early next year we will record the new record.

Pascal: Another thing. Once I read on your homepage that a famous magazine titles you the worlds best electro-pop band. What do you think about and how would you descripe your own style?
Tony: Oh I did not know that but sound cool. “Worlds best electro-pop band”. But that is another question wich I do not know how I should answer that because I think we have our own style but we do not descripe it ourselves. The best and easiest answer is. We are a Rock band. That is what we tell people usually. (after a few seconds) But when I think about. We are also a PopRock band. A little to Pop to be just a Rock band and little to Rock to be just a Pop band.

Pascal: You are around for some time now and still play in little clubs instead of big halls. What do you think makes the difference in this business?
Tony: Touring. I mean. Just get out. Tour as much as you can. There are bands that haven’t toured that much and blewed up immidietely. But in the end I thin the band that gets huge immidietely will disappear pretty quickly too. I think if the band starts touring and tours as much as they can, they can build up their own fanbase. You know you play in front of 50 kids and then maybe in front of 100 kids, then 300 kids, it just keeps growing. That’s the way you hope it will gonna be like. Okay nothing is for sure, you never what’s gonna happen. We’ve done it the way we wanted to do it and we are very happy with where we are right now. No complains.

Pascal: What are you missing the most when you are on tour?
Tony: Oh I miss my girlfriend very much you know friends and family. You don’t stop missing but you find a way not just thinking about that.You get used to it.

Pascal: I hope so. Thank you very much for the interview and for your time. Any last words?
Tony: Enjoy the show

After the Interview I had a few minutes time to talk with Jesse about some musical influences and tattoos wich he has on his body. And that he has the same tattoo on his leg like Adam Lazzard (Singer in Taking Back Sunday) and other musician.
Pretty Interesting.


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