Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Taste Of Chaos tour in Europe 2006

The Taste Of Chaos Tour is coming back to Europe.
Last years line-up was The Used, Killswitch Engage, Rise Against, Story Of The Year, Funeral For A Friend, Days In Grief, Bleed The Dream etc.

It was cool but I was a little bit disapponted because headliner The Used and some other artists did only play half an hour but maybe it is normal.

This year I'm again very excited. From October 27th till November 21st, the Taste Of Chaos Tour takes place in Europe.
The line-up for this year:
Parkway Drive, I do not know that much about the band but I think I like them a little bit.
Alexisonfire, I missed them at this years Rock Am Ring but I swear I will never again. In my eyes Alexisonfire is the best Screamo band at the moment
Saosin, I'm a little bit sceptical about this band. Do know how to classify it. But I think it's gonna to be fun
Senses Fail, Man, Senses Fail ist one of the greatest bands in the world. The voice is awesome and they have a new record called Still Searching. It's awesome. Feel free to check it out.
UnderOath, I saw them live, in Cologne I think two years ago. The live show wa incredible. I'm very excited to see them again
Anti-Flag, I'm not the biggest fan of Anti-Flag but their are cult and I respect what they have done. I also saw them life some time ago...I hope this time I will like it more
Thursday, Of course one of the best Emo-bands in the world. I think the old stuff is better but the new ist more experimental. Never mind. The music and songwriting is awesome.
Taking Back Sunday, I think I must not tell a lot about Taking Back Sunday, they grew bigger and bigger over the past three years. Songs like Great Romances Of The 20th Centure or Cute Without The E pushed them up and they grew and grew. I saw them live two times and I way overpowered by their energie and especially Adam Lazzard impressed me a lot.

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